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Tree Fern Plant with Pot - Clean Air Plant

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Tree Ferns make Good house plants as Long as they are re-potted when they become too large for their pots, which could take a year or two.

Package Includes:

One Plant in 4 Inch Pot & 4 Inch High Quality Plastic Glossy Pot Free ( Color of Pot may differ from the one in Picture ).


4 Inch Pot, Plant Size 4 - 8 Inchs (Approx)


Light: Tree ferns require bright light to thrive. They should be protected from harsh, direct light, but you’ll want to place your plant somewhere in your home where it will get your brightest, filtered or indirect light to encourage growth.

Water: The key to tree fern care is not to let your plant dry out. Remember: they come from the tropics, where the rain falls frequently and humidity is high. You’ll want to replicate this in your home. Never allow the pot to go fully dry. Water when the first inch or so of the soil has dried out. The plant can be planted in a large pot, which will assist with moisture retention.