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Henna or Mehendi (Lawsonia Inermis) - 100 Seeds

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Henna or Mehendi is the evergreen plant which is well-known for its colouring properties. It has many medicinal benefits too like to cure pain, Jaundice. 
Henna oil, bark, and seeds are the most common forms for medicinal benefits, and the high concentration of chemicals and nutrients in the plant gives it anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, antibacterial, astringent, and antiviral effects.

It also makes for an excellent hedging plant.

Package Includes:

One Seed Packet with 100 seeds.

Henna, Lawsonia inermis, is a small desert tree. But, you can grow the henna plant in your home as well. It is generally an outdoor plant. If you prefer to keep it indoors, then make sure that you place it where there is direct sunlight falling on the plant. This is because the henna plant grows well in hot climate.

The effort you put into growing a henna plant will be worth when you consider the benefit of replacing harsh chemicals with natural henna from your garden. Plant it outdoors: Even though you may grow henna plant indoors with the assurance of direct sunlight, it is always preferred to grow it outdoors. This is because henna plants grow better in hot climates. 

Sow the seeds in soil, which is commonly having the characteristics suitable for planting cactus. Sow the seeds in a pot, and keep it in direct sunlight. You may transfer it to the ground after the process of germination.

It is recommended to keep a well-drained soil for the proper growth of the henna plant. Allowing the soil to get dried in between each watering cycle will allow the plants to grow well. Generally, watering is needed only when the soil is dry. Trim it: Most people want to keep henna plant in a bushy state instead of allowing it to grow into a small tree. Keeping it bushy will provide more leaves. Trimming the plant will help you to keep your henna plant bushy.

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