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French Tarragon

French Tarragon

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French tarragon is a loose, open perennial growing to about two to three feet tall.  Leaves are dark green, narrow and slightly twisted.  Plant will occasionally produce small, greenish flowers that are sterile.  Leaves have a licorice or anise flavor.

Grow It Yourself:

Get your Planting Trays or Pots ready. Use good Seed Starting Mix or Cocopeat or Potting Mix. Moisten the mix and plant the seed 3 times its size deeper in the mix. For example if the seed is 1 mm , then plant it 3 mm deep in the mix. Very small seeds can be sprinkled on top of the mix and covered with a very thin layer of mix. Spray the mix with water and cover with a plastic cover till you see germination. remove cover and keep in semi-shade location till seedling is 3 -4 inchs, then transplant seedling or move your pot in Sunny location.