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African voilets

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Light: Moderate to bright, indirect, indoor light. 

Keep soil moist to dry, and allow soil around roots to dry out before watering to encourage blooming. Water from the bottom with room temperature water by placing the plastic grower's pot in water, and allowing the plant to absorb the water ( not more than 30 minutes ). 
Avoid getting water on the leaves as this can cause spotting damage. For best results, use violet plant food as directed. 

Pinch off spent blossoms and blossom stems to encourage development of new blooms. Place plants away from floor vents, fans, or entrance doors to avoid air drafts and bursts of cold air.

In general, African Violets need just enough water to keep the soil moist, but never soggy. Too much waterwill leave your African Violets susceptible to such deadly pathogens as Pythium, Root Rot and Crown Rot. Over watering can also cause denitrification, a condition which prevents plants from getting the nitrogen they need.