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How To Disinfect And Sanitize ?

How to disinfect your home? How do I disinfect surfaces during the coronavirus disease pandemic? What preventive measures can I take to reduce the chances of the coronavirus disease?

No one could have ever imagined that our lives would suddenly flip flop from watching seasons and dining out, to constantly washing our hands. To top it all off, being quarantined was the least of anyone’s worries.


Unfortunately, we have to make the best of the situation while keeping ourselves and our dear ones safe from the coronavirus spread. For that matter, proper disinfection and sanitation at home, nursery, store and office are inevitable.


Why Disinfection And Sanitization Are Vital Today?


There has been an undeniable emphasis on the use of hand sanitizers on a global level. Although washing your hands for 20 seconds straight has become everyone’s favorite mantra, people need to realize that the disease is airborne.


The Coronavirus's microscopic droplets can easily fall on to countertops or office desks and flourish for a good few hours or even days. It is imperative to disinfect all the surfaces that may be potential hazards for spreading the virus.


Sanitation efforts do not need to be complicated; various spray pumps will effectively rid you of the germs or bacteria present on the railing of your staircase, floors, or countertops. Here are some of them to choose from:



§  Trigger Action Spray Pump


This spray is the most basic disinfectant spray bottle that you can find in the market. You won’t be surprised to see it on your iron stand, filled with water to assist in ironing. A similar spray bottle can be filled with the disinfecting liquid, and it can spray the necessary amount of disinfectant wherever you want to. 



§  Pressure Spray Pump


These little guys have a fancy name and will surely become your best friend. They can fill up to a liter of disinfectant or water or even more. A tiny pump is present at the top, which you have to press 3 to 5 times to build pressure inside the bottle. 



§  Cold Fogger Sprayer


This revolutionary spray pump will individually target and annihilate any coronavirus germ that may be present in the nooks and corners of your house. It enables you to expel a fine mist of disinfectant anywhere and anytime.


Ways To Disinfect Your House During CoronaVirus 


There is a variety of disinfectant for coronavirus readily available in the market. You have to be careful in buying the one that is best suited for use inside your house as certain sprays or chemicals have hazardous toxins that are damaging to human health once inhaled. 

According to the Centers For Disease Control, disinfectants with at least 70% alcohol or a bleach solution of at least four teaspoons of bleach per quart of water is necessary against coronavirus. You can use Lysol as an effective disinfecting cleaner. It is has been a favorite since the 19th century, and recent studies have shown that it kills all bacteria and germs efficiently.

Does hand sanitizer kill coronavirus? Yes, hand sanitizers also work great in cleaning surfaces too. However, never spray it directly through a pump as it can wreak havoc on electronics. Apart from that, the best way to clean a surface or a doorknob is by applying a bit of hand sanitizer onto a piece of clean cloth or tissue paper and then cleaning the surface with it.



Final Words


So, now you know how to sanitize your home. The significance and the general requirement of keeping surfaces and countertops sanitized are needed more than ever before. Using the right tools and FDA approved disinfectant is the best way to disinfect your home and keep your family coronavirus free.

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